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And here we are again folks, we are here to give you another fantastic review of a great Vape site. It is unlike any others because they do not except any compensation or anything free to post positive reviews. You can be sure that when you read something on this site you are reading the honest truth and not reading anything that could be influenced by any company or shop. That’s why this site is so special. Whenever I am about to buy anything that is babe related I check this site first because I know that what they say is what it is. If I’m going to buy something in the shop then I check here as well. I spoke to these guys a few times via email and I can say that they are very real, very honest, and very upfront. Their main goal is to help consumers make educated decisions when buying anything related to the vaping. And because there are so many new products hitting the shelves every day it’s hard to choose the right product. By writing the reviews they are helping everyone out before they make a purchase and that is their one and only goal.

One of their newest things is the Sub Ohm Tank Reviews category where you can find reviews on all of the different Sub Ohm Tanks they have tested and it’s all in one place so it’s easy to find the Tanks and easy to navigate back and forth between Tanks. Since there are so many new tanks coming out all the time it’s hard to keep up with what’s good and what’s bad. And also there are thousands of Online Vape Shops out there that it’s hard to know where to go to buy something and where not to go. These guys have conveniently given you the option to buy from three different Online Vape Stores for each item they review.

Anther new thing that they have just added that is pretty cool and right on time for this industry is a DNA 200 Box Mod Reviews category with all the latest and greatest DNA 200 Mods there to check out. Because the chip that’s inside these DNA 200’s is so new and popular there has to be a resource that has all the devices in one place so they can be looked at and compared to one another. Evolv is the manufacture of this new chip but differ companies can buy the chip and build their own mods to sell. Having this category where they all can be seen in one place is fantastic and definitely something that will come in handy many times. You should go check these guys out now if you are planning on buying anything new soon.

That is pretty much it for today’s post guys and girls, we sincerely hope you found this post interesting and helpful. Be sure to follow one of the two links we posted above to check out what these guys are doing and to read their awesome reviews they do.