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So, believe it or not, I dropped my iPhone about a week ago. The first thing I did was get prices for a new phone, with insurance that is. Then I called about five local Boca Raton iPhone Repair Shops and got prices for that too. It really makes sense to just get the thing fixed, because in order to get the phone I had, at a decent price, they wanted me to use my insurance and that would of cost me a upgrade, which doesn’t make sense to me, but that is what I was told. So I spoke to this iPhone Repair Shop that has a really good reputation around this area. The name of the place is iPhone Is and they do some really great work. I brought the phone in and and they said to leave it there for a few hours. About 2 hours later they emailed me and said the phone was fixed and I could come pick it up. When I looked at the phone it was completely fixed. The screen that was cracked was replaced and it was all cleaned up. There was no indication at all that there was ever anything wrong with it, another wards it was like brand new. If anyone one of you have broken or do break your iPhone and you live in South Florida, we highly recommend checking out for more information about the repair prices and process. They make it really easy for you, and they are just a all around great company to use. Compared to the other places we called, they were very different. You can tell when someone just cares about making a buck or if they really are concerned. These guys showed genuine concern for us and the phone, and that was obvious by how they acted and treated us. Since then I have recommended them to quite a few people and they are all happy with the service they received. That just shows that when you do a good job and help someone out, you get rewarded ten fold. Thanks for reading this post today and have a great one!