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Just wanted to let everyone know that we are actively working on the site and we should have much more to show you in the next week or so. We have some great things in the works and cant wait to show everyone. Just be patient and it will come, we promise. This site was down for a few month while we had to work some thing out, but everything is ok now and we are stronger than ever, believe that. At one time we were the best and most up to date source for all things Tech, Health, News, SEO, Marketing, and more. That will come again, as all good things come in time. We really appreciate the support that has been coming in on a daily basis, and it is not unnoticed at all. So once we are back in full speed there are tons of things that we will be doing and giving out, as a token of our appreciation to everyone. There is no doubt in our minds that you will love the new site and everything that comes with it. SO just give us a little longer, and all your dreams will come tru. Well maybe not your dreams, but everything else will. So thanks again everyone for their continued contributions and we will see you soon!