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We wanted to let everyone know that we have reached out to 2 different companies to handle some web design and seo work for us. We already know that we will have all the old traffic back, which was enormous, but we want new visitors as well. This will help with traffic and donations that are well needed. The 2 companies are WebRaven and SEOjus. Both Florida Companies and both pretty close to us. We found that hiring a Local Company is much better and more conducive to the production and relationship with them. WebRaven is a leading Web Design and Development Company that has over 20 years of experience. SEOjus is the Top SEO Company In Florida as we and everyone knows.

WebRaven is working every day on our site and it looks great so far, as the previews tell us. They send us updates every day and much has been done so far. This is why we say give us a week or two to get the site completed and looking awesome. Te platform is WordPress, of course, and the them is from Elegant Themes, the best Premium WordPress Theme Creators to date. They are located in Central Florida and we think they are the best st sugustine web design company determined by the work we have seen. It is very impressive and very clean looking. They are proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, XHTML, ASP, and much much more. Check them out if you need some web work done.

The SEO Company we hired SEOjus is from what we can see and what we heard the best seo company out there right now. They have great pricing, excellent customer service, and they are very friendly. Additionally, we were shown many real life results of that they have done, and the keywords they ranked, and we were quite thrilled to see what good work they have done. They can be reached here @ for more information about their awesome work. Check out their site and if you ever need a turbo jump start in traffic and rankings then they are the pace to go. We highly recommend them for any and all Internet Marketing you need done. Be sure to mention us and they might even give you a little price break off the first fee. So far they have done agreat job with working with WebRaven and coordinating certain aspects of SEO with them. It is very imperative that SEO is worked into the site design and architecture.