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So we are now working with a new seo company that was recommended to us by another business near ours, or in the same building actually. They said they did a awesome job on their site and getting them ranked quickly to page 1, and they almost did not give us their name in fear of us taking up some of their time. In the end we got the name, met with them, and hired them immediately. They showed us work they have done and some of their current clients, and we were extremely impressed. We actually think they are the best local seo company in the united states. So it has been 2 weeks since they started working for us, and the traffic is starting to come in. We have gotten tons of phone calls from people finding us on the search engines. Our email is full from potential new clients, and we are very happy with what they have shown us so far. And can you think, it’s only been 2 weeks! Wow, they are good, really really good. Can you imagine what they will do with 2 months, yeah we know. The possibilities are endless, that is for sure.

This seo company that we are speaking of, they are the best florida seo company and we are so lucky to have found them. Really, we are and every time we see the guys who recommended them we thank them as well. Without this new firm on our side we would not be getting the traffic we are getting and we would not be on page 1 so fast. They have assured us that they follow the guidelines set forth by the gods, so we are happy that we will never face the risk of being penalized. There are thousands of seo’s in florida that it would of literally taken months to find a good one. Thanks god that we found the right one this time. Having a good local seo company on your payroll is so important for  your site. And that is a fact. So this post is to tell everyone that the following company is awesome and they deserve this post to be written about them. Make sure to tell them that you heard about them on the Grooveship website so that they know we wrote this about them and their awesome services, that would be appreciated.

You can see their website here = click here for more info