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Hey all, welcome to my short Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank write up / review / rant. I’ve had the Tank for about 3 weeks now, I got a few of them from one of the Reps over at Uwell. It just hit stores yesterday, so only YouTube reviewers and a few others have had it before that. So far so good, here are no real problems worth mentioning. It does leak randomly, like many other Tanks do. There are only a few Tanks I’ve encountered that don’t leak at all. And those are made by Sense. Back to the Crown 3. The coils are completely different / new, so don’t worry about the issues with the Crown 2 Coils. They are nothing like that, and work perfectly. There is no burnt taste, no dry hits, nothing wrong with them at all. For some people the wattage might be a little low, it maxes out @ 90W if my memory is correct right now. For me and most people I know that’s a good wattage, but of course there are tons of high wattage Vapers out there. So if you need high wattage and need to fill the room with vapor, you should probably not get he Crown 3.

If your interested in picking up one of these gorgeous Sub Ohm Tanks then I have to recommend The Best Vape. They have phenomenal customer service, super competitive pricing, and light-speed order processing and shipping. You can get the Crown 3 Tank for in between $30 to $33 I think, and right now they have all 5 colors in Stock af ready to ship. So go check it out, while they still have all the colors available. If you wait a few days all the colors will definitely be gone. That’s it for now, enjoy your weekend.