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Usually when I find a good shop, restaurant, or any place of business I like to write about it and tell people how my experience was there, whether good, bad, or ugly. So today, I will tell everyone about this local window tint shop that I found that I brought my car and my girlfriends car to this past weekend. I was doing some goggling and while doing so I came across this new tint shop, that has some great reviews around the web. So I called them and ended up on the phone for a half hour with an employee there. That right there tells a lot, by them spending sop much time with me on the phone tells me that they really care about their customers. This window tinting boca raton shop really lived up to their up and coming reputation, by far. I decided to go there, and when I got there they greeted me like royalty, seriously they did. It was amazing, considering how some business’s treat you these days. Once I chose the tint I wanted, I sat down in their luxurious waiting area, on a plush leather couch, that looked great by the way. Then I logged into their free wi-fi, which was super fast and got some business done while I waited. About a hour later they told me that my car was done. So I went to check it out, and the car looked amazing, like it was a whole new car. I thanked them, paid, and left. I kept my windows up for 24 hours as they instructed, and the following day went o look at the car. It looked just as good as when I was in their shop, no bubble, no rips, no tears, no dents in the tint, it was absolutely perfect. I called them to thank them, and they were just as nice as on the phone the first time.

Now some companies will be nice just to get you in the shop, and then they just don’t care after, but these guys were the same after they got paid, and that says a lot these days. I then brought my girlfriend’s car in the next day, and whatta you know, it came out just as good. They even gave here a discount because I referred her to them. then later that day I received a email, thanking me for bringing my car to them, and thanking me for referring someone to them, and a 15% off coupon for my next visit their, no matter what it is for. This is by far the best window tint shop in South Florida, and definitely Boca Raton. They treated me with respect, answered all my dumb questions, did a great job, did it in a timely fashion, and even followed up with a thank you letter with a future coupon. This is what I call a great company, with great employees, great pricing, and they get 10 stars from me and my girlfriend. Here is their website to check out Boca Tint N Wraps to get more info about what they do.